Wonder Pets Adventures in Wonderland

Wonder Pets Adventures in Wonderland 32.0

Ollie's having a tea party for all his friends, but 3 guests are missing
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Wonder Pets Adventures in Wonderland is a funny game for little kids in which you must help Ollie find his three missing guests to the party. You will search for them in Wonderland with your friends. In every level you must collect as many hats, tea cups, and plates for the party as you can. You will play every level with a different character and you will find one missing guest per level. All the levels look differently, but don't have a great variety of platforms.
Unfortunately, the game only includes three levels, which is very disappointing. There are also no mini-games or extra games to make it a bit longer and more enjoyable. The characters are also very repetitive with the phrases they say, and it gets really annoying after a while.
However, there's nothing to be said about the graphics which are very colorful and attractive, and the characters look really cute. The music is suitable, but also repetitive.
In short, Wonder Pets Adventures in Wonderland is a simple but cute game for very little kids, which will keep them entertained for the short time it lasts.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Cute characters
  • Three different levels


  • Only three levels
  • Repetitive music
  • Repetitive speech
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